steve1961guide asked:

I see new vids on you tube... Are you no longer posting here on tumbler?

Hi Steve!  Thanks for the message.  I’m definitely way behind on updating the Tumblr.  I’m on it, though!  Thanks for asking, it reminds me I need to get to updating.  Snap It! -Hank

You can study hard, get straight As, go to an ivy league school, become a doctor, a physicist, a billionaire investor… You can work out, run triathlons, be an olympian, have six pack abs… BUT if you don’t use your brains and your body to become a better fly fisher, none of that other junk matters. Snap It! -Hank

I like to think that on the day I became a fishing guide, the world gained one hell of a fishing guide… Unfortunately, I must also recognize that the world lost my potential at becoming one of the greatest hot air balloon pilots ever known to hot air ballooning. I’ve never hot air ballooned but I have to believe I would have soared to great heights. Headin’ for a river. Snap It! Jammies!