If you’re not tearing your labrum, you’re not casting hard enough!

Your fly should skate across the water like a little wave runner!

The only thing better than a hopper is two hoppers with a hopper dropper.  That’s three hoppers.

The single most essential piece of gear for any fishing trip is beer. The 2nd is also beer.

You can call it a strike indicator if you like.  I call it a bobber because it’s a bobber.

We were catching pike, perch, rainbow, brown trout, cutties, cutbows, brownbows, rainbrowns, cuttyrainbrowns, shark….

If you’re planning a fishing trip into grizzly bear country, don’t forget to take a slow, uncoordinated friend along.

The most effective way to infiltrate an elk herd is to drench yourself in elk urine and cover your naked body with 1,000 elk hair caddis.  You’ll be invisible to them!

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CuttyRainBrown Missoula Premiere

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Posted: March 16, 2015

I like to think that on the day I became a fishing guide, the world gained one hell of a fishing guide… Unfortunately, I must also recognize that the world lost my potential at becoming one of the greatest hot air balloon pilots ever known to hot air ballooning. I’ve never hot air ballooned but I have to believe I would have soared to great heights. Headin’ for a river. Snap It! Jammies!